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Since part of my mission with The Archangel Prophecies is to use pop culture to raise awareness of the modern-day problem of human trafficking, and particularly Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST) in the United States and abroad, I have been especially gratified by the many readers—teens, parents, and educators—who have reached out to share how shocked they were to learn about this tragedy. They also shared how motivated they were to do something about it and how much they wanted to help spread the word.

It is in that spirit that I have worked with activists who are working to end DMST and educators who would like to take that fight into the classroom to design a curriculum that links the reading of Dark Hope to Common Core Standards and presents a nonthreatening way to teach kids—who are, after all, the targets of this crime—about the risk factors, warning signs, and dangers of trafficking. The fact that the curriculum is tied to a book in a popular Young Adult genre—paranormal fiction—will only further motivate classes to dig right in!

If you are a parent, consider taking this to your child’s Language Arts or Literature teacher for integration into lesson plans. (Teens can do this, too!) If you are a teacher, check it out and see how it might integrate with your plans for the year. The best thing is, it is free! In fact, you can download the Chapter-by-Chapter Guide and the Common Core Guide right from this website.

I look forward to your feedback and hope you can spread the word about this helpful resource. Special thanks to my friends at Street Grace and ECPAT-USA and Amanda Leddy, teacher extraordinaire, for their collaboration and leadership on this effort!

Common Core Guide
Did you know that Dark Hope can be used to meet your Common Core Standards? Download this guide now to learn the different ways that the first installment in the Archangel Prophecies can be used in your classroom curriculum.

Teacher’s Discussion Guide
Are your students reading Dark Hope? Keep the conversation going by downloading this discussion guide. The questions will get the class talking about themes ranging from human trafficking to empowerment.

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