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I cannot turn away.

Learning that human trafficking — which is a pretty fancy term for the modern day slave trade — is a problem around the world, and even in my own hometown of Atlanta, was a shock.  There are nearly 30 million slaves in the world today — more than any other time in human history. They are sold into bondage to cook, clean, work in mines and fields, and into forced prostitution.  That many of them are children sold into sex slavery is heartbreaking.  I found out by accident while conducting research for Dark Hope, and once I knew, I felt compelled to act.  That is why I am using the release of The Archangel Prophecies to spread the word — because I believe in my heart that other people, once they know, will be compelled to act and end this horrible crime, too.

Please join with me to bring an end to this human suffering:

1) Buy copies of Dark Hope, for you, for your friends, for as many people as you can — a portion of proceeds will go toward supporting the partner organizations you see on this page, all of which were hand selected for the quality of the work they do to end human trafficking. And every reader whose eyes are opened to this tragedy can become a powerful voice, advocating for the victims of slavery.

2) Educate yourself — follow the links on this page to the partner sites, where you can learn more about slavery in the United States and around the world.

3) Take action — from writing your congressperson to sharing links on your social media platforms, what you do can spread the word and shine a light on this tragedy, helping to bring it to an end once and for all.  See the list below for some suggestions.

Thank you for joining with me to take a stand against slavery and especially against the sexual exploitation of children!


Partner Organizations

Street Grace
Street Grace is a faith-based organization leading churches, community organizations and individual volunteers on a comprehensive path to end domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST) in Metro Atlanta and throughout the United States.

URL: http://streetgrace.org/

Our vision: A world in which no child is bought, sold, or used for sex. Our mission: To protect every child’s basic human right to grow up free from the threat of sexual exploitation and trafficking.

URL: http://www.ecpatusa.org/

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